Emotional Intelligence- (Paperback)-Daniel Goleman

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Emotional Intelligence- (Paperback)-Daniel Goleman

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing India Private Limited (January 1, 2004)
Language: English
Paperback: 768 pages
Ishbhn-10: 0747574561
Ishbhn-13: 978-0747574569
Item weight: 603 G

Daniel Goleman Omnibus: Emotional Intelligence/Working With Emotional Intelligence is a book on emotional intelligence and its influence on life and destiny.

This omnibus contains two books by Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence and Working With Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is a book that proposes the idea that our concept of human intelligence is too limited. It argues that our emotions play a much larger role than we realize in our decision making, thoughts, and capacity to be successful. Emotion based qualities like impulse control, self-awareness, motivation, persistence, social deftness, and empathy have always been possessed by people who do well in life, who have flourishing relationships and are successful in their careers. The book presents new insights into the structural features of the brain that are ultimately responsible for emotions and rationality, and explains in a clear and comprehensive manner how to strengthen and nurture emotional intelligence in oneself.

Working With Emotional Intelligence relates emotional intelligence to the workplace. It aims to show the reader how to use his or her emotional intelligence to achieve success in their career, to have a productive professional relationship with colleagues, and to learn how to work efficiently and relate to superiors and inferiors in the best way possible. The author has researched the subject thoroughly and used his unmatched access to global business leaders to collect the necessary information for this book. In this sequel to Emotional Intelligence, the author shows that in the workplace, emotional intelligence can be twice as useful as cognitive and analytical abilities like reasoning, technical knowledge, and IQ. Daniel Goleman Omnibus:

Key Features:

This omnibus features two books on emotional intelligence by bestselling author, Daniel Goleman.
Both of the books became international bestsellers when they were published.

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