Death Benefit (Paperback)-Robin Cook

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Death Benefit (Paperback)-Robin Cook

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Publisher: Pan (Ll October 2012)
Language: English
Paperback: 512 pages
Ishbhn-10: 0330523899
Ishbhn-13: 978-0330523899
Reading age: 18 years old and more
Item weight: 330 G
Size: Llkl X 3kl X L7k8 Cm

Death Benefit is an explosive thriller from New York Times bestselling author and master of the medical thriller Robin Cook.Pia Grazdani is an exceptional yet aloof medical student working closely with Columbia University Medical Center's premier scientist. Their cutting edge research could revolutionize health care; creating replacement organs. Thorough her work with the brilliant molecular geneticist Dr Tobias Rothman, Pia knows she will not only be given the chance to fulfill her professional ambitions – but also maybe finally all push aside memories of her difficult, abusive childhood. However, tragedy strikes in the lab. Pia, with the help of infatuated classmate George Wilson, launches an investigation into the unforeseen calamity in the hospital's supposedly secure biosafety lab. Meanwhile, two ex-Wall Street whiz-kids think they have found another lodestone in the nation's multi-trillion dollar life insurance industry, and race to find ways to control the data – and make a killing. And as Pia and George dig deeper into the events at the lab, matters become increasingly suspicious . , ,

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